Overview of the Different Firmness Options For Mattresses

Sure, the comfort and support you receive from your mattress largely depend on its firmness or softness. Here’s a detailed overview of the different softness options for mattresses:

1. Very Soft/ Plush: These mattresses are designed to provide a high level of contouring to the body. They are often padded with additional layers of soft material, making them ideal for side sleepers who require pressure relief on their hips and shoulders. However, they may not provide enough support for stomach or back sleepers.

2. Soft: A step above very soft, these mattresses still offer significant contouring and plush comfort but with a bit more support. They can accommodate a wider range of sleep positions but may still lack sufficient support for some back or stomach sleepers.

3. Medium Soft: This level provides a balance between comfort and support. Medium-soft mattresses have less sinkage than softer ones but still offer adequate cushioning for pressure points.

4. Medium: Commonly referred to as universal comfort mattresses, they strike an equal balance between firmness and softness, making them suitable for most types of sleepers – side, back or stomach.

5. Medium Firm: These offer more robust support while still providing a comfortable level of cushioning to alleviate pressure points — ideal mostly for back and some stomach sleepers.

6. Firm: Firm mattresses have minimal sinkage or contouring effect but offer maximal spinal alignment — best suited for stomach and back sleepers who need extra lumbar support.

7. Extra Firm/ Hard: These are the most supportive type with little to no sinkage – excellent choice for heavier people who need substantial pushback to stay aligned.

It’s essential to note that mattress firmness is subjective and can vary depending on one’s weight, size, personal preference, sleeping position, etc.. Hence it’s recommended always to try before you buy.


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